Communities are composed, in part, by the interactions between the the people living within and the employers operating in the same area. As members of these communities, we are heavily invested in their success. If we are looking to strengthen our neighborhoods, one method to do so would be to start a job board focused around your location. By definition, a job board is a method for employers and job seekers to come together to meet one another’s specific needs. Let’s explore some of the different ways in which job boards help businesses, job seekers, and communities as a whole.


Job boards offer a variety of benefits to businesses in the area. Naturally, they offer easier methods for employers to find the right workers for their organizations. Niche job sites allow employers to reach more job seekers at a time and enable better targeting methods. Having a wider audience allows for more awareness of open positions, making it more likely that the perfect applicant will apply. Utilizing niche job boards improves the likelihood that someone who is looking for a specific type of employment will see an employer’s related job openings in the industry.

Businesses also benefit from job boards by easing some of the complexity of hiring new employees. Having a more streamlined approach for specific job openings reduces much of the headache of receiving countless applications and resumes. Job boards can also offer useful analytics to employers. For example, job boards powered by TrueJob provide businesses with information about what job seekers like or dislike about their job postings. Having this sort of information provides the employer with feedback about what is working and what could be improved to find the ideal candidate for their needs.

Job Seekers

Job search platforms are very powerful resources for job seekers as well. They enable members of the community to be aware of many different job listings in an area and to apply for each position in the same location. Job boards also provide job seekers with a method to search for openings in specific fields of interest for which they may be qualified. All of this is available 24 hours a day and is much easier than “pounding the pavement” used to be. It is safe to say that job boards offer more resources to members of the community, when it comes to finding employment, than have ever been available.

Starting a job board can also be used to bring more people into your community. One of the first things people do when they are looking to relocate from one area to another is to ensure that they will have employment when they arrive. A job board is a great way to let individuals know what sort of employment is available in your area and to put them in contact with the right organizations.

The Community as a Whole

Job boards can also be used to persuade more business to enter your community. If an organization sees that there are untapped resources available within your community, they may be more willing to set up shop in the neighborhood. As we noted in a previous article, Building Your Community By Showcasing All It Has To Offer, “What better way to entice businesses, than with a talent pool ready and available for them to hire and put to work?”

As mentioned in the opening of this article, a job board is a place for employers and job seekers to come together. A successful community relies on these interactions. Maintaining a high level of employment is vital to a community’s success. When employers are able to hire new employees and when more members of the community are able to find employment, the community begins to thrive. More people with employment leads to more local spending and employers that are able to conduct more business.

Starting a job search platform can lead to a growing community with more employment opportunities and a more successful economy. There is only one question: what are you waiting for? If you would like help in starting your own job board we would be more than happy to speak with you. Click here to schedule a free consultation today.