I've been wanting to build TrueJob since 2009, after I graduated with a degree in Psychology and entered one of the worst job markets in years. Job websites were awful (they still are awful, but they were awful then as well), and after applying to jobs with about a dozen of these websites I had a great idea for a new type of job search website.

The problem was, although at the time I had a somewhat technical background ( enough to run my own computer repair busniess and fiddle with a few Wordpress sites), I was not a programmer in the full sense of the word. Initially in 2010 I tried to build a website using straight PHP, and I coded it enough to get it somewhat working, but the code was spaghetti and the site already had loading issues with two users on the site. I was not ready.

I tried to look for technical cofounders, but couldn't find anyone to help me out - so I started learning web development myself. I have spent the past 4 years gathering knowledge, switching jobs, and learning as much as I can until I could finally build the job website I had been thinking about for 5 years - and in the last 6 months develop what would become TrueJob.

Along the way, I've had amazing people support me, and I want to take the time to mention as many as I can here - I can't look ahead without also seeing the people who have had my back

First, my fiancée Michele Wong has been instrumental every step of the way. She's helped me become the entrepreneur I am today, and has constantly been there for me through the late nights, battles, and more. She's helped me with implementing the front end, and has proofread a lot of bad copy that I've created. I'm very grateful for everything she's done.

Second, Stephanie Krieg, an HR consultant, has helped me tremendously with understanding the employer side and also where the job space is going - she's given me a ton of useful advice that has worked into some of the features I've already built, and those I'm still planning. Thanks Stephanie!

Next, AlfaJango, where I currently work at, has been huge in the development of TrueJob. I joined Steve Schwartz (managing member) at AlfaJango two years back, and his feedback as I've been developing it these past six months has been critical to getting the site off the ground. Our designer at AlfaJango, Kevin Ryan, has been pivital in giving me the amazing design that you see on the site. AlfaJango developers Richard Peng, Steve Schwartz, and Jonathan Gabel all helped finish up some core features for the site, and Angie Mininni, our project manager, helped organize everything. I'm incredibly thankful to have a team that supports me.

Finally, I'm incredibly thankful for my great friends for listening to me talk nonstop about my job website. Thank you Chris Nowak, Cameron Lakenen, Leif Zeng, Cory Kaufman-Schofield, Kyle Mulka, Greg Wilson, Clayton Willey, Everett Gu, Carolyn Nowak, Stephanie Roth, Amber Harrison, and many many more for supporting me.