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What tools do startups use to list jobs on their website?

As part of our internal research at TrueJob, we use automated tools to detect what systems startups are using to list jobs on their website. We collected data on roughly 200 startups in the Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Traverse City areas, and after working with this data for the past few weeks, we wanted to share our initial findings. The results are presented below:

From this data, we’ll be creating blog posts over the next few weeks highlighting some of these tools in more detail, and hope startups can use this to improve their job posting and applicant tracking process. In this post, we'll provide a little bit more detail about each one of the tools and some links to find out more.

Caveats, explanations and warnings

What does “Custom” mean?

Custom systems represented the #1 way startups listed jobs and accepted applicants. These are startups not using any known tool, but instead handling job applications via a process they created themselves, often using tools not made for the purpose of posting jobs or handling applications. This includes things like listing jobs out manually on one or more HTML pages and accepting applications via email or a contact form.

While this was the most common strategy implemented at startups we researched, we strongly suggest you don’t use a custom system unless absolutely necessary.

What does “Other” mean?

This category included other commercial and non-custom tools, such as ZipRecruiter, JobScore, Workable, Taleo, and many more. These tools were used by very few of the startups we looked at.

While we hope to one day be able to review every tool out there, these will be some of the last ones we look at.

The most common tools startups use to list jobs on their website:

  1. Custom (50.3%)
  2. Other (19.9%)
  3. Resumator/Jazz (8.2%)
    Website: https://www.jazz.co/
    Features: https://www.jazz.co/features
    Pricing: https://www.jazz.co/pricing/
  4. Jobvite (5.8%)
    Website: http://www.jobvite.com/
    Features: http://www.jobvite.com/products/
    Pricing: N/A (hidden behind demo or “Request Pricing” contact form)
  5. Greenhouse (5.8%)
    Website: https://www.greenhouse.io/
    Features: https://www.greenhouse.io/features
    Pricing: N/A (hidden behind demo or “Request Pricing” contact form)
  6. ICIMS (5.2%)
    Website: https://www.icims.com/
    Features: https://www.icims.com/talent-acquisition-software
    Pricing: N/A (hidden behind demo)
  7. SmartRecruiters (2.4%)
    Website: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/
    Features: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/product/
    Pricing: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/plans/
  8. Lever (2.4%)
    Website: http://www.lever.co/
    Features: http://www.lever.co/features
    Pricing: N/A (hidden behind demo or “Request Pricing” contact form)
What tools do startups use to list jobs on their website?
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