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With TrueJob, we help your Economic Development Organization connect the job seekers and employers in your community together. We do that with a job board we built specifically for Economic Development Organizations that allows them to interact with each other more easily than any other job board around.This helps you achieve your mission as an Economic Development Organization of growing your community, and is a great way for you to start attracting more sponsorship and funding.

There's no software for you to install and maintain, and we can integrate TrueJob with any website. And it can be done in seconds, with little to no administrative effort. Let me show you how it works:

Setup and install


Above we have an example economic development website which doesn't have a job board yet. We'll assume that it's built on top of WordPress, but again this process will be similar no matter what your website set up. To build out your job board it's as simple as:


  1. Making a new jobs page
  2. Pasting our snippet of TrueJob code into that page, and
  3. Publishing it on your website.

Now your site will have a new area called "jobs" and you'll have an
advanced job portal ready to go:



For jobseekers, they'll be able to "like" or "dislike" job postings, similar to Pandora, to improve jobs that fit them from your community. They can also quickly navigate from job to job posting, and search and filter for the things that they want to see.

When they're ready to apply to a job posting, a job seeker can apply on the local company's website, or can receive applicants through TrueJob's applicant tracking system, allowing your smaller companies an easy way to track applicants when they might not have an HR budget.

Portal Administration

As the EDO job portal administrator you can curate your job portal by approving which employers get to post jobs, and which jobs from those companies get posted:


You'll also get to see powerful analytics as to how your job portal is
doing, so you can show your impact on the community to your benefactors, and get
more sponsorship and funding:


Expected Results

With TrueJob you can expect better job seeker participation on your site than any job board out there. You'll also see more jobs posted to your site from local companies, and more local companies joining your job board.

Click here to see our case study with Ann Arbor SPARK, a Michigan Economic Development Organization, where by adding a job portal they ended up DOUBLING the traffic to their website.


For pricing, TrueJob is based on the size of your community, but comes with two factors:

  1. An initialization fee
  2. A monthly fee

The initialization fee covers things like:

  • Working with your team
  • Theming your job board to your site and
  • Helping you build a promotional plan.

The monthly fee:

  • Allows us to keep TrueJob up-to-date and maintained
  • Gives you the latest features as we create them, and
  • Technical support when you need it.

To give you an estimate, small communities can expect to pay roughly $425/month for TrueJob, and larger communities $925/month. But we know each community is different, so reach out to us for pricing that fits your needs as a community.


This is just the beginning of what we can do.Read more at, and contact us for more information.